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We started a podcast to get prospectors and miners voices out there and for folks to truly get to know them and what they do in their daily lives as well as gaining knowledge on all things prospecting and mining within our community. So far with our launch of the podcast we have had Shannon Poe, the founder and owner of American Mining Rights Association. We have also had special guest Steve Riedel on the podcast to discuss his time on "Bering Sea gold" and how it all started for him in the beginning up to where he's at now and what plans he has for the future.Our next guest was David and Tim Peterson, Owners of the company "Dream Mat USA".They are the creators of the dream mat and do all of the molds and pours as well as shipping directly from their headquarters in Montana.Our next guest was Sean from Busted Knuckles Prospecting On YouTube, A very humble individual who has paved an amazing future for him and his family through prospecting and educational videos.Our most recent guest was a stand up guy from Ohio, Mr. Joe Brickner and we discussed how it all started for him in the beginning and where he's at now as well as educating those who would like to get into dredging,the do's and dont's and the safety that you need while dredging. We have many more amazing folks that we have interviewed so go over to YouTube and check them out!

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